Who do I contact if I experience a problem with recycled water at my home?
If you are having problems with your recycled water or sewer service please call our faults and emergencies line on 1300 552 120. 
How do I pay my bill?
You can easily pay via BPAY or credit card. If you wish to pay now, this link will take you to our Westpac portal for secure payment. Please have your reference number, found on the lower right hand side of your bill, ready to go.
What can recycled water be used for?
Recycled water can be used for
What can't recycled water be used for?
What you cannot use recycled water for
Which substances should NOT be put down the sink, toilet or drain?
These substances should NOT be put down the sink, toilet or drain
Where do substances go if I can’t put them down the drain?
We have compiled a handy guide of local services you can use for disposing of items that can’t go down the drain.

Wollondilly Shire Council has a Twice Yearly Clean Up Collection for the Wilton Community. For more information please go to http://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/resident-services/waste/waste-and-recycling-collection-services/collection-services-garbage-recycling-and-garden-organics/

Sharps Disposal and Unwanted Medicines

Wollondilly Shire Council has sharps disposal bins at several pharmacies. Sharps must be secured in a sealed container. Residents can take domestic quantities to the following locations:
  • Appin Pharmacy 75 Appin Rd, Appin
  • Bargo Village Pharmacy Remembrance Drive, Bargo
  • John Tacey Chemist Remembrance Drive, Tahmoor
  • Picton Pharmacy Margaret St, Picton
  • Tahmoor Village Pharmacy 10 Tahmoor Village, Tahmoor
  • The Oaks Pharmacy John St, The Oaks
  • Warragamba Pharmacy Fourteenth St, Warragamba
All pharmacies throughout the Shire accept expired or unwanted medicine for safe disposal.

Bargo Waste Management Centre

The Bargo Waste Management Centre is open to Wollondilly Shire residents and there is free acceptance of scrap metal, paper, cardboard, car batteries, motor oil and co-mingled recyclables. For more information please go to http://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/resident-services/waste/waste-management-centres/bargo-waste-management-centre/

Community Recycling Centre

To safely dispose of unwanted chemicals, fluorescent tubes, batteries, fire extinguishers, pool chemicals, household cleaners, herbicides and pesticides you can go to a Community Recycling Centre on Chemical Clean Out Day. The closest Community Recycling Centre is at Southern Highlands open between 7am-3.45pm (Mon-Sun, closed public holidays). Ph: 02 4868 0888.

Wollondilly Shire Waste Management

Wollondilly Shire Council has the following information on how to get the best from your bins.

For more information please go to http://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/resident-services/waste/waste-and-recycling-collection-services/collection-services-garbage-recycling-and-garden-organics/


Composting is a great option for the community. Not only will you be helping the environment, your garden will look great. Please call Wollondilly Shire Council Waste hotline on 1800 805 305 for further information on compost bins.
Are there water restrictions with recycled water usage?
The water management system has been designed with sufficient capacity to ensure there will be adequate water for use within the community; however, water restrictions on garden use may still apply in times of severe drought.
Do I still need to setup an account with Sydney Water?
Yes, each homeowner will need to set up an account with the Sydney Water for potable (drinking) water only. Please note Sydney Water does not provide sewer services to this area so if there are charges for sewer services on your Sydney Water invoice, please call Sydney Water to rectify.
If I own a swimming pool, are there any special precautions I need to take?
Yes, because the Recycled Water Treatment Plant can be upset if suddenly presented with large surges of chlorinated or salt water, an underground water storage tank must be placed to capture pool overflow. Please note, you must not top up your swimming pool with recycled water, as per the current regulations. 
What does ‘cross flow’ mean?
You will hear the words ‘cross flow’ quite a lot in the recycled water world as this is a test we do to ensure there are no areas within the pipes where recycled water and drinking water meet. If you have a certified plumber come to your house to do works it is always best practice to have them do a cross flow test when they have finished.  
Who operates the Recycled Water Treatment Plant?
Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Australia (VWST), a subsidiary of Veolia Water, is a specialised provider of technological solutions in water treatment, leveraging experience from over 100 water reuse projects around the world. 

VWST were engaged by Lendlease to design and construct the Recycled Water Treatment Plant at Bingara Gorge and hold the network operator’s licence to operate the network. For more information please go to http://www.myrecycledwater.com.au/wilton-rwtp
At Wilton Recycled Water, our operator treats wastewater and distributes recycled water under a Network Operator’s Licence and a Retail Supplier’s Licence granted by the NSW Minister for Lands and Water under the Water Industry Competition Act (NSW) 2006.

These licences and the compliance with regulations are overseen by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART). We also need to comply with various obligations imposed by the Environmental Protection Authority and NSW Health.

For more information about regulatory requirements specific to retail management, including debt recovery and customer complaint handling processes please see the download section below.