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  • Welcome to Wilton Recycled Water. You are now part of a community that is working towards a more sustainable future.

    Using recycled water not only helps save precious drinking water, it is also costs less per litre than potable water. Additionally, it is a requirement of your Development Application that you connect your home to the Wilton Recycled Water network as we are the sole provider of sewer services to the area.



    To set up an account for a new home please

    1. Download the new home connection contract and complete.
    2. Request your compliant cross flow certificate from Wollondilly council.
    3. Send to enquiries@contact.wiltonrecycledwater.com.

    Once we receive your contract and cross flow certificate we will arrange the installation of your recycled water meter. For more information, please see below. 

    If you need to set up a new account for an existing home.
    1. Download the new home connection contract and complete
    2. Send to  enquiries@contact.wiltonrecycledwater.com

    Once we receive your contract, you will be set up as a new customer with Wilton Recycled Water.


    You will need to provide a compliant cross flow certificate from the Wollondilly Shire Council which confirms that the Council’s inspectors are satisfied there is flow through the recycled water pipes at your home.

    If the certificate from the council is non-compliant, the home owner will need to rectify the defect with their plumber. The specific details of the defect will be noted on the certificate. Once rectified the home owner will need to contact the Wollondilly Shire Council to re-inspect the property.

    It is important we receive a compliant cross flow certificate as this allows us to install the recycled water meter for your home.

    Please call us on 1300 110 238 or email the cross flow certificate to enquiries@contact.wiltonrecycledwater.com


    The recycled water meter will be installed by Wilton Recycled Water once we have received your completed new home connection contract and compliant cross flow certificate. This usually takes around 10 business days from receipt of contract and certificate.  

    If the recycled water pipes have not been correctly installed by your plumber, as per the below image, we may not be able to install your meter. If so, we will advise you to contact your plumber to resolve the defect and then let us know it has been rectified so we can re-attempt the installation.

    After the meter is installed, you should receive your first bill.
  • When you buy or sell your property, please remember to inform Wilton Recycled Water of the settlement date. This is when our first or last meter read will be done and is important as it ensures the accuracy of your first or last bill.

    If you are moving and are the account holder, please remember to inform Wilton Recycled Water of the move out date. This is when your final meter read will be done and is important as it ensures the accuracy of your last bill.

    Please call us on 1300 110 238 or email enquiries@contact.wiltonrecycledwater.com to advise us of these dates.

    To set up a new account for an existing home, please download the existing home connection contract, fill in the form and email it to enquiries@contact.wiltonrecycledwater.com 


    At any time, you may contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman (NSW) (EWON) for independent advice and assistance. You can also contact EWON if you are dissatisfied with the way we have handled your complaint. 

    EWON can be contacted on 1800 246 545 or at www.ewon.com.au

    If you would like to lodge a complaint with Wilton Recycled Water please click here and fill in the form.


    Your building or renovation works may impact the recycled water network easements, which refers to the space required between or around pipes for access. Therefore, Wilton Recycled Water will need to approve your structural plans and building development approval. Please call us on 1300 110 238 or email them through to enquiries@contact.wiltonrecycledwater.com.


    At Wilton Recycled Water, we love gardens. You can create your dream garden and be able to use recycled water all year round.

    Did you know recycled water contains more minerals and as such can help your plants thrive? There are all types of trees, turf, climbers, flowers, fruits and vegetables that love recycled water. However, some plants can be sensitive to recycled water's salt content while they are getting established so pay attention to any rose, citrus, azalea or camellia seedlings during this time as they may need to be watered with potable (drinking) water. We recommend speaking to your local garden centre if you are unsure.

    Please help keep the recycled water network on your property free from tree and shrub roots as accessibility is essential.

    Please note if you are growing edible gardens you should always wash your fruit and vegetables in potable (drinking) water before you eat them.